Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Free Idea For StumbleUpon

I think StumbleUpon is probably the best of the discover/tagging/bookmark sites. If you haven't used it and you're reading this (Mom), StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site that shows you new, unique, and interesting websites tailored to your interests. How does it know what sites are good? Because, ordinary people "tag" a site when they like it. The more tags something gets, the more likely it is to show it to you, I think. The coolest part of StumbleUpon, and what distinguishes it from something like or Digg, is the "Stumble" feature that you can install as a toolbar in your broswer. I click "stumble" and it takes me to some random page in one of my pre-selected interests.

I just clicked Stumble, and out of the blue it took me to this really awesome site I've never seen before, with interactive Fridge Magnets. Great idea, very simple, and I haven't seen it done before.

Just clicked it again, and it took me to this SEQL page, 100 Ways to Save the Environment
A little hippie-ish, but hey, I'm the one who clicked Environment under my interests.

Anyway, StumbleUpon's awesomeness gave me an idea for a great podcast/Tv Show/YouTube Meme Nonsense video.
What if every week, StumbleUpon (and Fox/CBS/HBO/Whomever) picked three of these out-of-the-blue pages that nobody would usually see, and did a 7-10 minute segment on each? Go and see the developers, maybe act out on some of these environmental recommendations and see if they work. Do a bit where you take the guy who created Charlie The Unicorn and dare him to do a 10-minute stand-up bit and see if he gets any laughs. (If the guy who created C the U actually is funny, I'll issue a full retraction).

The whole thing can be hosted by Ryan Seacrest or Bob Saget or whoever is available. And here's the clincher. Weekly guest appearances by Sammy Stephens!

Again, I have not registered this idea with any writer's guild. The StumbleUpon guys and gals can get on this finder's fee necessary.

One more thing: Just in case you were wondering, I promise here and now that I will not embed Flea Market Montgomery into the blog more than once a week.

[deep breath] This isn't going to be easy....

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