Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Good Blog Name Is Hard To Find

I had the idea that the title of my new blog was a make or break decision. Everyone wants to have the best blog title, band name, fantasy football team name (mine is Johnny Hive and the Upstart Five...also not great). Here was my process for deciding:

My first instinct was to choose a song title or lyric that would be suitably ambiguous, but that people in the know would recognize, and thus think I'm quite cool.

I chose the phrase "Also a Tin Teardrop" from Captain Beefheart, but thought it sounded too hokey after careful debate. Then I got a brilliant idea. Candy Colored Clown. It satisfied several criteria:
1) Suitably ambiguous for people not "in the know".
2) References both a classic song and a classic film (if you don't know what either are, I know several people who would not be your friend).
3) Pleasant sounding enough that I could deal with it for several months/years if necessary.

Wouldn't you know it? Some thoughtless cretin already took the Candy Colored Clown name from Blogger! And this is all he's doing with it??

Suitably discouraged, I flipped through the 'ol iTunes library and found something simple, not terribly funny, and hopefully indicative of the scattered nature of the coming posts. It's from a Blitzen Trapper song. I will attempt to embed it here in the blog, along with N.W.A and Eazy-E's "Eazy-Duz-It", just so I don't look like a hippie or anything.
Internet Savvy!!

Much thanks to Julia and the How-To Crew over at Mahalo, who made this process extremely simple with the following page: How to Set Up a Blog
Full disclosure: I work at Mahalo. I love it, but I'm not making this blog just to promote it. Happy, Winer?

I will also be trying to drum up support for a unique screenwriting contest I am starting soon. Details to come on that...

Also, I will attempt to design this page a little better to remove from it all notions of Splogginess.

The End...?


Lons said...

Wow, "Candy Colored Clown" is a great blog name. Too bad you couldn't get that one, though I'm thinking cool Lynch references are probably pretty competitive to get on Blogspot. Country Caravan will certainly do...

It's Mom said...

Great start, Jon. Thanks for the reference and I will check out StumbleUpon and Country Caravan now that I know about them.