Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Common Orange County Conversation

Dude, dude, you know what's awesome? The Office, dude. Crazy funny. Did you see the one where they hid Ed Helms' phone in the ceiling? Oh, man, I was like dying! What? What other version? Oh yeah, I heard about that, but like, you can't hear what they're talking about. It's all like English-talk and stuff. Plus, the American version has so much more Looking At Each Other Awkwardly. The British one only has like 4 Looking At Each Other Awkwardlies per episode. Lame.

No, dude. You know what's really awesome? That Disturbia movie. Freaky, dude, just like, freaky. Kid can't leave his house and then he looks in the window next door and he sees a murder. No, dude, he can't go do anything about it! Cuz he's under House Arrest, bro! What do you mean that's been done? Right, like in the 50s. Whatevs, dude, whatevs. Seriously, bro, everything has "been done" if you go back far enough. Who cares if some old geezers did the same thing in like the Stone Age? Dude, you are like so past-minded man. You have to look into the future. You know what those Oasis guys said? Be here now. There's alot of truth in that. What do you mean, Buddha said that? Dude, seriously.

Ok, you want to go all old and classic? I got you covered. 1990s, bro. Dave Matthews Band has this song they only play live called Watchtower. Killer, man. It's like all eight minutes long but it totally holds your attention.

What are you talking about. Is he still alive? Dude, you are such a buzz kill. Like seriously.

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i like that you didn't give this a hitchcock tag. just to see if we're paying attention.