Monday, October 22, 2007

More People I Supposedly Resemble

Note: This list comes from Crief, who says I resemble the following people, even though I look nothing like any of them.

Former Detroit Tigers Pitcher Mark Fidrych, a.k.a The Bird

Edmonton Oilers Head Coach Craig MacTavish

Bill Walton "in his Trailblazers days"

Sideshow Bob


. . . said...

how can you look like all of these people i've never heard of?

Lons said...

I can see Mark Fidrych...The others, not so much.

Files from The Crief Case said...

Okay, allow me to clarify:

Mark "The Bird" Fidrych was the 1976 AL Rookie of the Year for the Tigers. He was a weird dude who would talk the ball before pitching, telling it to be a strike. He would pat down all the dirt around the mound before beginning to pitch. He was weird, but also wildly entertaining. Yet, his career quickly fizzled after arm troubles.

Bill Walton is someone that people under the age of 30 only know from being Luke's dad or for his insane broadcasting. But those of us over 30 know him as the guy who led the Trail Blazers to their only NBA title in 1977, and we remember him for his flowing red hair after he left UCLA (where he was arguably the greatest college basketball player of all-time). Obviously it isn't the tallness that reminds me of Jonathan when I see "That 70's Walton", but rather the doo.

Speaking of which, Jonathan needs to find a picture of Craig MacTavish from his playing days, when his hair was more "orangy".

As for Krusty, do really have to explain?