Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Few Plugs

I have an honest-to-god real post coming soon about going to the doctor's office, but for right now, a few plugs for Mahalo.
Thanksgiving is coming up, and Mahalo has a plethora of outstanding search results to help you plan your Thanksgiving meals, festivities, etc.
Here are some pages:
Best Vegetarian Thanksgiving
How to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner with Your Family
Thanksgiving Casseroles
Thanksgiving Cupcakes
Thanksgiving MySpace Layouts
Thanksgiving Turkey
Thanksgiving Wine

One more plug. The new Mahalo daily podcast, aptly titled Mahalo Daily, is out and getting great press! Featuring the mythical Veronica Belmont.
Check it out!

Typical Jonathan post featuring whining and lovable sarcasm coming soon....

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