Monday, November 5, 2007


I ate at Michelangelo in Silver Lake tonight. One of my favorite Italian restaurants in Los Angeles. After much urging, I tried the risotto, which I've never had before, and ended up being quite delicious.

The service wasn't perfect, but I was in a party of 14 people so I'm sure they were a little overwhelmed. When it's your birthday they turn off all the lights and play loud, distracting music so that everyone in the place knows it's your birthday and starts to hate you. It's great if it's not your birthday and you can just watch with amusement.

It's cold in the city now, which makes me not want to stay out late eating, especially in the middle of the week. It's also that time of year when I started thinking that my alarm clock is playing a cruel joke on me, because it couldn't possible be 7:45 AM when it's that cold and unforgivable out.

I'm only titling this post "Michelangelo", because putting "Michelangelo Silver Lake" would make it look like I was desperately trying to get into that #1 spot in Google for that result. I'll test it in a few days and see if my keywords and blog prowess have been successful.

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