Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Post With No Media

I drove my friends to the airport at four o'clock this morning. Last night, I wasn't sure what approach I should take. Should I try and just stay up and crash when I get home or split up my sleeping time? I took a different strategy and it seems to have worked.
At about 8 PM last night, I turned off all the lights, got under a blanket, and started Lord of the Rings. At about 9, I was passing out, so I shut off the movie and slept for 6 hours. I must have had it in my mind all night that it was coming, so when my alarm went off, I was able to jump right out of bed and my adrenaline was pumping so hard that I feel like I could have just driven to Vegas. The only problem is that now I'm back here in my apartment, it's the middle of the night, I can't possibly go back to sleep, and I'm checking online to see if and when the Starbucks will open. I'm also checking movie times because if there's one thing you can do on Christmas, it's go to the movies. I tried typing "Starbucks Open Christmas" into Google, and what came up were a bunch of employee message boards whining about how they have to work on Christmas, so I took that as a positive sign that I'll be able to get coffee come 6:30 AM. I also hope that by this time tomorrow I will be #1 in Google for "Starbucks Open Christmas" based on my use of the phrase twice in this blog post. I will check tomorrow and report (not at this exact time).

Merry Christmas to all.


Jennifer said...

You are so funny... and such a kindred! I was just online searching the same "Starbucks open Christmas" phrase. Good luck in your search. It is cold and windy in Fullerton.

It's Mom said...

You can count on Starbuck's being open. I'm already back with my Americano and the line was into the parking lot.
Seems you got your friends off okay and if you're interested...feel free to make a return to Irvine. We're here.

. . . said...

you didn't report back yet. i am going to check right now.

Jonathan said...

Right now I'm #38. I guess that's good of Google - I don't actually answer the question in the post.

Lelah said...

Jonathan, you seriously need to post. Being sick is no excuse. You haven't posted since 2007!