Saturday, January 19, 2008

Billy-O vs. D-oh-double-G

I was at a point in my life a few years ago where everything that happened in the world drove me nuts. That is to say, every time it came out that the government was listening to our phone calls, that the administration screwed something up in Iraq, that another one of the Bill of Rights was ignored, I would get extremely angry and talk to everyone I knew about it. I think lately I've been suffering from Outrage Fatigue. I spent the better part of this decade getting fed up with what I've seen and at this point I just don't care any more. This is bad news, as I know many others my age feel the same way and we're in danger of continuing to ignore the issues and letting the downward spiral continue.

So, what better way to get back in the spirit of frustration then to watch this video from Robert Greenwald's BraveNew Films where Bill O'Reilly denies that there are more than just a few homeless veterans in need of help.

Honestly, are we even surprised at this point when our always-entertaining Bill opines on a topic of which he has very little knowledge? You know, I can't even talk about Bill O'Reilly with any sort of poignancy. Snoop Dogg does a much better job:

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