Thursday, January 10, 2008

Like a Lightbulb!

Being sick is funny. When I'm sick, all I can think about is how it is hindering my day-to-day actions. On any other day I would seriously chide myself for staying at home, reading, and watching movies (I chide myself a bit as it is).
I also apply my condition to every character in every film I watch. If I see Bruce Willis jumping off a building, I think "Wow...he never would have been able to do that if he had a cold, like I do. I can barely move!" and so forth.
Also, I feel like no person has ever blown their nose as much as I did today. I honestly must have set some sort of record. I emptied my weight in mucus today. I feel like some sort of slime creature on the sci-fi channel. Plus I look like Rudolph.

This week is CES, which is a giant consumer electronics show in Las Vegas that I ordinarily would not care at all about if you paid me. However, this week it has been my life, and I've lived and breathed every mobile phone, Blu-ray unit, GPS system, and household robot introduced because I'm in charge of making sure we have everything covered for Mahalo. Feel like checking out the biggest TV in the universe?

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Lelah said...

I just posted too, so we're even.