Monday, February 11, 2008

George Carlin: Don't Sue

And now a series of things that are pissing me off:

1) Went to Disney's California Adventure yesterday. If you're not familiar, it's a theme park built directly across from Disneyland, only less fun. I went to Disneyland a few weeks ago, and since I live in Los Angeles they gave me a pass to get in for free to the other park. So, of course, I went. Most of the experience was actually quite enjoyable, despite it being horribly busy (I attribute this to the unusually warm weather in the middle of February).
At one point, my companions and I wanted to get something to eat, and naturally, we wanted it to be quick and cheap. These are two things that the Disney Corporation has never excelled at or expressed any interest in. We went to this Mexican place called "Rita's" that like every other place had a long line. The problem with this line is that we stood there for 40 minutes and only got halfway to the front! The people at the front would order, then stand to the side, wait 10 minutes, then get their food, and the attendants at Rita's would disappear immediately after taking someone's order! I don't mean to rag on the employees, as it obviously isn't their fault. As someone who worked in retail for 10 years and food service specifically for several of those, I know that it is easy for employees to get overwhelmed and customers take it out on them, when it is almost always a managerial/communication/organizational error. But still, I had finished my margarita and we bailed on the Rita's line to go to some equivalent Burger place and get food there. The whole point of eating at a theme park is to do it as quick as possible so that you can then wait in line for rides. I'm not paying 60 bucks to eat your crappy Rocket Burgers.
I promised a strongly worded blog post on this issue, and there it is. Moving on.

2) Changing Cell Phone Providers. Seriously, WTF? I've had Verizon for years. I switched because I don't get any service in my apartment. Simple as that. If I call someone, I want to be able to hear them and have them hear me. When this criteria is not satisfied, you have failed me as a cell phone provider, and I will switch.
Everyone who's in my apartment always gets great service with AT&T, so I bit the bullet, and bought an iPhone. Yes, of course I have that twinge in my head of "oh jeez this is alot of money will I regret this I don't really need this thing" but it is kind of cool and fun to mess around with, and I expect it will be even more so once I can actually use it as a phone, check my email on it, listen to music, or do any of the stuff you're supposed to be able to do on the damn thing.

Here's the problem: You have to make about 28 phone calls to switch providers, cancel your old phone, set up the new phone, and switch your same number, which still seems to be causing problems. I had to call the Verizon people, get the account number, call the AT&T people, have them switch everything over, then they say "You have to hook your phone up to your computer in order to set up the data plan." So I bring it home, hook it up to my computer and it says "iPhone does not function with your Mac as it requires Mac OS X"
So I hooked the thing up to my roommate's computer, go through the motions, and it says "Congratulations, your new number is 213-XXX-XXXX" (X's were of course replaced with numbers). This caused me to say "WTF, I wanted to keep my old phone number, which is 714-XXX-XXXX" (I actually use X's on my phone, how about that?)
Then they say "Your account will be activated at 3 PM. So now I have to wait several hours, get a text message that says I've been activated, and then have someone call my old number to see if it actually works. If not, I am going to embed all 8GB of this thing directly into Steve Jobs' small intestine.

Can you hear me now?

3) Starbucks Cups. I don't care how you see it! Stop preaching to me. I just want coffee for Christ's sake, not a lesson on how to raise my kids!

Now, I'm going to get in a warm bath, drink some champagne, and softly cry myself to sleep. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a dancing man wearing a horse mask cooking wild mushrooms.

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