Sunday, February 3, 2008

I See A Negative Fortune Cookie in SalesGenie's Future

So my friends and I are sitting around, enjoying the greatest upset in Super Bowl history, and this SalesGenie Commercialcomes on.

(If for some reason you don't want to use Mahalo or Yahoo! to watch the ad, you have to go here, click the link, then when the WSJ window comes up, click the Super Bowl XLII tab, watch the advertisement, then click on "Sales Genie 'Panda' Super Bowl Commercial". Yeah, they make you watch an ad to view some ads. God bless America.)

Yes, that was a serious commercial, that they paid $2 million to show to 75 million people. There were seven people over at my apartment (including me) watching the Super Bowl. Not one of us had our jaws anywhere near our upper lips while this commercial was airing. It was so obviously, shockingly racist, and none of us could believe it was actually airing.

This makes me wonder: If all seven of us recognized how inappropriate this ad was + everyone on the blogosphere + every comment on all of these blogs I've already read...if it seems this obvious to everyone, how did the commercial make it on television? I'm guessing at least 200 people had to have seen it before it aired. We're talking everyone in upper management at SalesGenie, their ad team, the producers, marketers, and management at FOX, plus the broadcasters themselves (who want to be aware of their sponsers). You mean to tell me that not one of these people saw fit to say "Ya know...maybe people don't really dig the blatant discrimination against Asians anymore. Let's take another look at this."



_victor said...

oh I can answer this. easily. 1) the CEO wrote the ad himself. No one says "no" to this joker, apparently. Last year he wrote the shockingly lame ad too. and 2) it's like Michael Jackson holding his kid out a window: no one wants to tell the money machine/nutjob they are wrong.

Jonathan said...

I'd like to announce: A Country Caravan 1st! A person I don't know commented on the blog. Thank you, Victor! I've since heard that the CEO gets to write whatever commercial he wants. I wonder what he'll come up with next year...?