Sunday, April 27, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV Videos

Grand Theft Auto IV comes out this week and we here at Mahalo have been working double time to crack all the cheats and secrets. All the tips and tricks will be available from our GTA IV Walkthrough page.
I'm editing videos of the game as we speak and it's looking pretty cool. Check out some of the action.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bill Callahan plays three songs on a rooftop

Bill Callahan would be totally awesome, except for the fact that he's currently dating my girlfriend. At any rate, here's a pleasant rooftop performance of his from Pitchfork TV. A few songs from his new album here and a nice reworking of his own "Cold Blooded Old Times" that is a little too close to resembling the Viva Viagra commercial where the five lunkheads sit around yodeling like a bunch of jackasses.

I kid Bill Callahan. He's my boy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm Gonna Git You Spamma!™

Today's Mahalo Daily is a major event. A spot-on parody of 70s exploitation films, and also the final episode to feature Veronica Belmont.

But, that's not all. Mahalo is also totally awesome in the sense that we took our precious time to figure out the Worst Prom Themes. That title is tongue-in-cheek. Obviously, a 2001 or There Will Be Blood themed prom would be totally awesome.

One more thing. Our tubular and most outrageous Video Game team will be live covering the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. Monday at midnight (so Tuesday really) they'll be playing the game and streaming it all night long.
Got insomnia in your mother's basement? Tune in.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Animal Collective - "Brother Sport"

So I know Jeff already linked to this, but it's just too good not to post about. Animal Collective performing "Brother Sport" live in late 2007.
Seeing them live is a great experience. They totally rock out every song.

The Science of Sick

I have another cold. This is my third in the last three months. I'm very surprised at the weakness of my immune system and I'm actually kind of worried that I have some chronic thing that will keep coming back every month.

I also became concerned that my overlords at Mahalo will be very angry with me for calling out sick once a month, and that I will have to mail in a snotty tissue to prove I'm not faking it.

Note: Country Caravan would like to take this opportunity to describe Mahalo as a loving, nurturing work environment where nobody would get upset over something as trivial as a basic viral infection. Jonathan will not have to use mucousy tissues to prove himself and phrased it as such for humor entirely.

Many people consider sick days as an extra "day off." I would much rather go to work. Not only do I not have the energy to read book after book or watch movie after movie, I actually feel guilty for doing these things as everyone else I know is busy working (except for Rhoads, I'm sure he's doing something completely nonsensical.)

I think it's time for science to come up with something that will end this nonsense. Honestly, these nasal decongestants I have aren't doing a damn thing. Just come up with something that will permanently clear up my sinuses. Is this so difficult, science?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Taunting Turco

No, this isn't the name of my new band. Well, ok it is.
I was fortunate enough to go to the Ducks game last night. Game 5 in the Western Conference Quarterfinals against the Dallas Stars. The Ducks were down 3-1 in the series, so it was a must-win game. Fortunately, they did win, and Game 6 will be played Sunday in Dallas.

Some interesting things happened. At one point, Anaheim's Corey Perry crashed into Dallas Goalie Marty Turco, after which Turco grabbed Perry's face and appeared to choke him for a minute. The crowd didn't like this, so every time Turco touched the puck afterwards there was a nice round of booing.

Then everyone started chanting "Turco, Turco" in an effort to get into his head. A Ducks game is really the only chance I have to join in with the mob and taunt a helpless millionaire goalie. So I did.

It was a great game. Check out the highlights, courtesy of Ducks TV:

Friday, April 18, 2008

High Places - "Head Spins"

Another live video from Pitchfork TV. This time it's Brooklyn duo High Places. This song is dreamy and the video has a nice green quality to it. The girl looks approachable, but would ultimately never speak to me, which I like. It also doesn't hurt that they sound a wee bit like Animal Collective.

The Week In Sixty Seconds

Mahalo Daily has been doing a weekly news recap every Friday lately. These are great videos even if you traditionally keep up with the news. There's inevitably something you missed, and it comes with links to Mahalo pages on all the stories. Check it out:

Also, if you haven't been keeping up on your Mahalo Daily, we're having a huge blown out contest to find the next Mahalo Daily Co-host: Mahalo VLOGIdol.

Who knows, the search might even involve an appearance or two by yours truly in the coming weeks...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Neko Case - "Maybe Sparrow"

This album came out over two years ago now, but here's a video for one of its best tracks. Neko Case is amazing. She was even offered a Playboy spread a few years back for "Sexiest Babe of Indie Rock" or some such award. She turned it down.

She's got a great voice and the video has some sweet looking animation.

-via Pitchfork TV