Monday, April 21, 2008

The Science of Sick

I have another cold. This is my third in the last three months. I'm very surprised at the weakness of my immune system and I'm actually kind of worried that I have some chronic thing that will keep coming back every month.

I also became concerned that my overlords at Mahalo will be very angry with me for calling out sick once a month, and that I will have to mail in a snotty tissue to prove I'm not faking it.

Note: Country Caravan would like to take this opportunity to describe Mahalo as a loving, nurturing work environment where nobody would get upset over something as trivial as a basic viral infection. Jonathan will not have to use mucousy tissues to prove himself and phrased it as such for humor entirely.

Many people consider sick days as an extra "day off." I would much rather go to work. Not only do I not have the energy to read book after book or watch movie after movie, I actually feel guilty for doing these things as everyone else I know is busy working (except for Rhoads, I'm sure he's doing something completely nonsensical.)

I think it's time for science to come up with something that will end this nonsense. Honestly, these nasal decongestants I have aren't doing a damn thing. Just come up with something that will permanently clear up my sinuses. Is this so difficult, science?


sean percival said...

You and me both buddy, is it something in our row? I'm sick normally 1-2 times per year, so far about 3 times this year alone.

I'm thinking rhodes is to blame.

Jonathan said...

Exactly! I don't get it. I used to get sick quite a bit as a child, but the last five or six years I only get sick maybe once a year. 2008 has been a bugger. Hopefully I can get better and be okay for a few months.

Lons said...

I agree that it's strange, with all the medical wonders our species has achieved, we understand so little about colds.

My old roommate Nathan was once sick for about six months on-end. Doctors were, essentially, baffled. Then he just felt better one day. WTF?