Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bill O'Reilly: Birth Control Expert

Bill O'Reilly himself is a genetic wonder. Capable of expressing unprecedented outrage at homeless veterans while at the same time desiring to use a falafel [sic] on one of his unsuspecting producers.

Now, meet Dr. Bill. He knows so much he's able to diagnose illness a la Bill Frist. In this clip from Fox News, care of Media Matters, he'll tell you what is and what isn't a "medical condition."

I know, Bill. I got this video from the left-wing attack-o-crats. But, the footage does not lie. You do disagree with WebMD, and the American Medical Association when you say that pregnancy is, in fact, not a medical condition.

In case you were too lazy to watch the video, O'Reilly tries to tackle the argument that Viagra should be covered by health insurance plans while birth control should not. His argument is that male impotence (which O'Reilly does not have) is a medical condition while pregnancy (which I hope to God he also doesn't have) is not.

I thought, to rebut O'Reilly's argument, that I'd find out specifically what a "medical condition" is, and try and find a way to not fit "pregnancy" into that category.

I know it's not reliable at all, but I thought I'd start with the Wikipedia. Here's a quote from their "Disease" entry, where the writer is distinguishing pregnancy from a disease:

"[Pregnancy is] considered by the medical community as a condition requiring medical care and by society at large as a condition requiring one's staying at home from work."

Okay, I know it only says "medical" twice in that sentence and "condition" once, so I don't expect you to be convinced yet. It does, however, also say that it usually requires the pregnant person to stay home from work. Does male impotence require one to stay home from work? Well, if you're in pornography maybe...but Frank in accounts payable? Didn't think so.

That would make pregnancy....MORE of a serious condition than male impotence, would it not?

Moving on. Pregnancy requires almost 100% of women to see doctors regularly and even be in the hospital at some point. Getting a prescription for Viagra is about as hard as...well, I won't go there. Besides, Bill does a much better job of describing how hard things can be.

The real cusp of O'Reilly's argument seems to be that pregnancy is something that no woman could ever want to prevent. It is "a choice," after all (he says "choice" very caustically). Actually, half of all pregnancies are accidents, and over 85% of teen pregnancies are accidental.

I shouldn't make my blog all about how Bill O'Reilly is an idiot. This is supposed to be a challenging endeavor.

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