Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Drug or World Leader?

Welcome, Country Caravan fans! It's time to play another game of Drug or World Leader? Here on the game, we invite you to examine five names and you'll determine if that is the name of a prescription medication or the name of a one of our world's esteemed rulers.

And here we go!

1) Ezetimibe
2) Odinga
3) Simvastatin
4) Basescu
5) Ramelteon

Answers below...

1) Ezetimibe is a drug used to treat high cholesterol
2) Odinga is the prime minister of Kenya
3) Simvastatin is also used to treat high cholesterol
4) Basescu is the President of Romania
5) Ramelteon is a sleep medication (the one with Abe Lincoln and the beaver in the commercial!)

Thanks for playing!

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