Saturday, July 12, 2008

Zoom Zoom

I was driving with my friend today, looking for a parking spot around Amoeba Records, as the lot was full. I saw one on the opposite side of the street and went to make an illegal turn. My brief thinking: If I wait and go to the light and make a legal U-turn the spot would probably be gone.

So I cross the lines and am making the turn when I hear a horn and a guy slam on his brakes. Apparently, this guy had been in my blind spot and was going to pass me on the other side. So we both stop and luckily we didn't hit each other. This dude in sunglasses started screaming and cursing at me. At this point I had made it to the spot and was beginning to back up. This guy just stops in the middle of the street and screams "Fucking look! Fuck you!" and he gives me the finger. I'm about to park but I see he's stopped at a green light just looking back at me.

At this point, I was less concerned with my error while driving then by avoiding any unnecessary confrontation with this nutjob. So I look at my friend and decide to drive around the corner for a minute. When I go back he's gone and I take the spot.

A few things have resulted from this:
1) I feel stupid for not having seen him. After all, if there was an accident it would have been at least partially my fault (probably 70% -- this guy was really trying to speed past me and he came out of nowhere).
2) This adds to a series of car incidents lately to make me wonder why I have one. In the last few months, I've had a car smashed, rear-ended someone for the first time in my life, got a parking ticket for not having a front license plate (there aren't any screws that come with the damn thing so it looks like I have to go to a body shop and have someone drill it into the damn plastic) and now this recent incident. I don't want to be one of those people that is chronically afraid to drive, but it's been a real source of stress in my life lately.

I don't really believe in the power of writing to alleviate stress, so I'm sure I'll still be thinking about all this. But, hey, at least this is a problem I'm not embarrassed to write about. Those are saved for the doc.

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