Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beck at El Cid

I'm just working in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, as usual, when a friend of mine peeks over her desk and says "Jonathan, do you want to go see Beck tonight?" Apparently, he's playing a secret show at El Cid. I say "Yeah, sure, that'd be awesome," assuming the secret would leak and the place would be swarming with people by the time I'd get there.

My friend Jeff and I got to the show about an hour ahead of time and the place was deserted. We went inside (our names were actually on "The List"), ate some tapas and had a few beers and were right up front when the show started. Jeff's theory is that hipsters are "too cool for school" and thus don't go to the front of the stage. Up until the minute he took the stage, I thought it was a joke and I'd be seeing Hall & Oates up there.

At any rate, Beck came out with his long hair and black hat and they started rocking. He played nearly all of Modern Guilt, with about two tracks each from previous albums, going back to Odelay (nothing pre-1995 I'm afraid). They opened with E-Pro, went into Modern Guilt, did Gamma Ray and Nausea. The first 90s tunes were Mixed Business which went into Nicotine and Gravy. Awesome!

He played a cover of Bob Dylan's Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat which blew my mind a little. The only tracks from Odelay were Minus (rockin!) and Devil's Haircut, which closed the encore. Here's the full setlist from Paper Tiger.

His band was tight. He said they hadn't played in six weeks and thanked us for watching them "practice." Pretty much the best practice I've ever seen. The drummer went nuts and I asked the female lead guitarist to marry me. She's thinking about it.

Here's a photo I got on my iPhone. It doesn't do it justice, as anyone who has taken pictures on an iPhone will inevitably know.

Totally blown.


rednikki said...

I am super jealous!

Jeff said...

Good times!

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