Friday, August 29, 2008

Best Fictional Cops on Mahalo

It's been awhile since has released a top-notch best-of list, but here's one of our better ones. A fun list of the Best Fictional Cops in television and movies. They don't just have to be beat cops (though some of them are). The list also includes detectives, troopers and police commissioners.

A few notable missing characters off the top of my head:
-Happy Jack from Gangs of New York
-William Costigan and Colin Sullivan from The Departed. One's a cop pretending to be a crook and one's a crook pretending to be a cop.
-The Sheriff of Nottingham (he's a villain, but he is a sheriff, is he not?)
-Margie Gunderson (I mean, c'mon!)

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Files from The Crief Case said...

And I'd add one more to the list: Detective Andrew Sipowicz from NYPD Blue, played by Dennis Franz (4-time Emmy Winner).