Friday, August 8, 2008

Dreamin' of you Bob

Dylan just went all Web 2.0 on us! His site has gone through a bit of a revamp and there are some big new features to look forward to. The Bootleg Series Volume 8: Tell Tale Signs comes out on October 7. It contains a ton of tracks from the last 20 years: live recordings, alternate versions of album tracks and previously unreleased songs. You can also go to his albums section and listen to any song you want. Even make your own playlist! (This is obviously for total losers who don't own all of his albums, but it is pretty cool.)

When you sign up you can download an unreleased track called "Dreamin' of You." Very cool and it references a ton of lyrics from Time Out Of Mind (which itself "referenced" lyrics from all over.)

Here's the 2.0 part. Social Networking! You can actually join and connect with other Dylan fans. Always an eclectic bunch aren't they? You can meet up with...umm....the yuppie couple who goes to his shows and gets all upset that he doesn't sing Just Like A Woman the way he used to. Or the hippie guy who stands in place and waves his arms like he's making pancakes.

Or...just'll get to connect with this guy!

No, he's not the guy who stares at children at the playground.

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ChrisMooreMusic said...

I was blown away by the free download of "Dreamin of You" -- it's actually in the running for one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs. I mean, I loved the seventh Bootleg release, but the less cover songs and the more Dylan originals the better!