Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jason Statham Poster Contest

I'm announcing a new contest here on Country Caravan. Below are a series of Jason Statham posters. Your job is to guess each of the films that they're from. I promise that I have not altered the images in any way except to Skitch out the titles and co-star names. These are all 100% real posters for different Jason Statham films.

The first one to post the correct answers as a comment on this blog will receive a one-time Country Caravan Shout-Out. Don't think that's worth anything? Remember, Arcade Fire got big because I mentioned them here.

Also, please do not use the Internet to find the answers to these. We're on the honor system here. Let the games begin!


rachael said...

Too funny. i couldnt guess one.

Lelah said...

These are tough. The only one I know for sure is the second one, which is for Transporter 3, because I just saw that and he has to wear that metal bracelet in it (spoiler: if he goes more than 75 feet from his car, he explodes), which differentiates that poster from the other ones of him wearing a suit and a gun.

Nicole Ireland said...

I can only say two for sure. The same one that Lelah mentioned and the one for Cellular. I recognized it because of Chris Evans and Kim Basinger.

Jonathan said...

Thanks for guessing. The correct answers are:
1) Crank
2) The Transporter 3
3) Chaos
4) The Transporter
5) Cellular
6) The Transporter 2

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot, Jonathan! My mother stumbles upon your contest by accident, and you've already given the answers away. Who in their right frakking mind could have guessed these?! You're cruel and heartless, my friend. You just didn't want to part with these awesome Jason Statham poster, right? RIGHT?!!! lol