Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brian Hayward: Get On Twitter!

During tonight's Ducks-Red Wings playoff game (The series is tied 1-1 and the Ducks lead 1-0 after the first period), play-by-play announcer John Ahlers was promoting Fox Sports' new Twitter account. Ahlers then asked color commentator Brian Hayward if he was on Twitter yet. Hazy said that he wasn't quite on Twitter yet.

Let me just say that I'm a huge fan of the broadcasters on Fox Sports Prime Ticket. I've been a Ducks fan for years and years, and any modern hockey fan will tell you that you really form a bond with your local commentators, simply because you spend about 80+ nights a year watching and listening to them (you see, in hockey, most of the games are not televised nationally, and I prefer Ahlers and Hayward to Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk anyway.)

Brian Hayward has a pretty strong following in southern California, for his ab-solutely sen-sational analysis of hockey and his nightly "Hockey 101" and the pun-ny "Breaking Through the Hays" segments. Because of his affability and local notability, I am hereby requesting that Brian Hayward start a Twitter account as soon as possible.

As both a Ducks fan and Managing Editor of an Internet start-up company, I am volunteering myself as the perfect person to teach Brian Hayward all about Twitter. For one thing, I hate social media and the culture surrounding it as much as any head-scratching middle-aged person (Hazy is 48). Also, I can teach him how to keep his tweets focused, humorous and informative. Though my Twitter feed is a mish-mash of song lyrics, sports news, jokes and Diddy-isms, I feel I have the optimal amount of experience and know-how to transform Hayward's Twitter feed into an O.C. sports phenomenon.

Within weeks, I guarantee we'll have Jim Fox and Stu Lantz begging me for Twitter tips (or Twips, if you will).

How about it, Hazy? Give me a shot.

Second period is about to start now. Go Ducks!

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