Thursday, May 21, 2009

NY Synagogue Terror Suspects: Real Threat or Just Jokers?

Here's a post I wrote for about the NY terror suspects.

Americans woke up this morning to discover that a terrorist plot against two synagogues in the Bronx, New York, was foiled by the FBI working with New York police. The most troubling thing about this new plot is that the suspects likely had no connection to al Qaeda, Guantanamo Bay or the Taliban.

It should come as no surprise to Americans, however, that there are people out there who don’t like us or that it would translate into negative sentiment at home. Despite our “fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here” mentality, it’s very difficult to segregate communities in the 21st century. Muslims in America are certainly cognizant of civilian deaths in the Middle East, and it is quite clear that these suspects intended to avenge the deaths of Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

That being said, the new question is, How serious was this threat? The FBI learned about the disgruntled Muslims from a confidential informant, and supplied the suspects with what they thought were IED missiles and plastic explosives. Had the FBI not seen the plan through to the moment when the suspects believed they were setting the bombs, would they ever have made it this far? IED missiles, though plentiful on the streets of Tikrit, are not quite so easy to come by in the Bronx. I don’t think you can just walk over to Ray’s Pizza and order a few with your slice.

Would these four nuts have been as successful in tracking down real explosive devices? According to the Washington Post, the detained men said they were disappointed that the World Trade Center was no longer around to attack. That’s kind of like when you see a really good price for a CD you already own and you wish you could buy it again. Something tells me that the guys who came up with this plot weren’t exactly criminal masterminds.

Terrorist Leader: Alright men, we’re going to blow up the World Trade Center!

Underling: Um…boss…that’s kind of already been taken care of. Maybe we should come up with an alternate target.

Terrorist Leader: Okay, then. Plan B! Where do the Jews hang out?

A couple of synagogues must have been more inspiring than Katz’s Deli on East Houston.

So, I’m obviously thankful that dutiful law enforcement prevented an attack, but I’m not sure these guys were plotting the next 9/11.

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