Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cause in 60 Seconds

Causecast has a new show we're going to be pushing out every few weeks called Cause in 60 Seconds. For each episode, we'll explore a different event or cause and try and break it down for you as quickly as possible (hint: it'll be about a minute long).

Our latest episode covers the How It Ends event from late June, co-sponsored by Invisible Children, Resolve Uganda and the Enough Project, aimed at supporting the LRA Disarmament bill in Congress.

The video has already sparked some great discussion on Causecast, most notably from the mind of active commenter "revolutionforamerica" who comments:

awesome another bill for the american tax payers! and im sure u all criticized bush for spending money for the war in iraq. liberal hypocrites

Thanks for watching! Be patient, the next video will be coming out soon.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cemetery Junction - Funniest Film of 2010?


The Invention of Lying looks good. But, the teaser trailer for Cemetery Junction really raises my hopes. Those guys have a really hard time not being funny.