Monday, May 30, 2011

Pusha T Declares Himself 'Third Best Rapper Alive' On New Album

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA -- On the title track to his upcoming solo album, Job Application, Clipse rapper Pusha T refers to himself as the "third best rapper alive."

The verse, which starts, "I'm pretty damn fly / you gotta admit / Might not be too famous / but semi-legit," also makes reference to his guest appearance on Kanye West's latest triple-platinum endeavor, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

"I'm quite confident in my rapping abilities," the shy rapper said. "My producer initially suggested I remove the phrase "one of the best rappers" from the last track ["Belated Birthday"] because it might make me seem too cocky. After all, there are some really good rappers out there.

"I certainly didn't want to offend Lil Wayne or Jay-Z," he continued, "So I decided to go with the 'third best rapper' designation. That's a fight I don't want to get into."

At press time, The Game could not be reached for comment.