Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Dog in Pain

In the middle of the night
I heard a dog whimpering outside my window
I peaked but it was over the wall
In my neighbor's yard.

I lay there and listened
And tried to imagine the scenarios

Was its torso trapped under something,
Perhaps a fallen cement block?
Or maybe it was simply ill
And unable to move
And it was calling out endlessly
Hoping someone would come outside
And realize it needed help.

But nobody was coming outside
From the neighbor's house
And it was, as I said,
The middle of the night.

I weighed my options.
Should I go outside and look for the dog?
If it's in their backyard,
Should I knock on the door?
Or maybe just bite the bullet
And climb over their fence
And help it any way I can
And deal with the consequences

There's probably something I'm not even thinking of,
I thought. And I laid there.
And listened.
And there'd be a moment of silence
Between stark whines through the air

And I closed my eyes and did nothing
And turned on my side
And pressed my ear into my pillow
On the coolest part of it I could find
And thought about how the world is full of injustice.